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Home Organization

It starts with a phone consultation to discuss your current storage situation and your vision for the future.  We will schedule an in-home appointment and I'll send you a package of information and guidance to prepare you for our work together.

At your home, I will  help you learn the method, sort and organize your belonging by category and bring tidiness into your home.

You will learn how to recognize when an item sparks joy or when it’s time to let it go.  We will address challenging issues and tackle seemingly impossible space problems.

The KonMari method is designed to organize your home once and for all. With my guidance and support, the process is relaxed and supportive. There's no judgment and you won't feel pressured to give up things you want to keep. 

Many practitioners of KonMari find that KonMari brings joy in unexpected ways.   Once you begin to make more room for serenity in your home,  joy will begin to find room in your heart as well!

As for you, pour your time and passion into what brings you the most joy, your mission in life.” Marie Kondo


Home Staging

If your need is for home staging, we will evaluate the scope of the project and your goals for the final outcome.   I will work with you and your realtors to create a vision that will increase the attractiveness of your home to potential buyers.  Your beautifully arranged home will put you ahead of the competition in the very challenging NYC housing market.

Staging homes for resale will ensure that you receive the best possible price for your investment.  My services including the sourcing and placement of furniture and accessories that will suit your home's style and enhance the positive qualities of the space. Highly recommended by realtors, Home staging is a low cost means of bringing your home to the forefront of desirable properties.

Home Staging for a home sale ensures that your home will:

  • Look better than other homes on the market
  • Spend 73% less time on the market
  • Typically sell for more money
  • Look better in print and Internet ads
  • Professionally staged listings "STAND-OUT" in prospective buyers' minds.

Design and Re-Design

This is a unique service offered by The Serene Home.

During our on-site consult, I will walk with you throughout your home and discuss a plan in which your home’s current design elements can be enhanced and what additions will make the biggest impact.

We will discuss making changes in your decorating scheme including room updates, furniture, rugs and window treatments that will fit your budget and lifestyle.

I’ll make suggestions that will make your home more comfortable and beautiful by using the things that you have along with new additions or updates.

Following the consult, I will send you a custom, written evaluation and design plan that will include all the suggestions we discussed and the next steps involved.

I'll also create your very own Pinterest mood board with my ideas and recommendations. This will be yours to access and utilize as long as you like.

You’ll have all you need to put the plan in place, with specific, detailed suggestions on where to buy new items, services that will help you repair or install projects and information on how to proceed with every step along the way.


I’m thrilled to have worked with Karin at The Serene Home! I was preparing for a life changing event, and needed some professional input to help me work out storage solutions and new decorating ideas for my apartment. Karin started by working with me to sort out and arrange my closet and helping me work out a better system for keeping my clothes in order. She gave me some good tips on how to decide if I should keep or discard things, which continues to help me find new space. Another part of our work together was to go around my apartment and discuss all types of storage and decorating changes that would help me update my apartment. Then, she sent me a complete review of discussion and her input along with all the links and info I needed to work toward my vision. It was super helpful and I very much enjoyed working with her. She really cares about her clients and loves coming up with new ideas for improving their home lives.

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