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Welcome to The Serene Home.

I am passionate about organizational systems and organizational design.

I spent the first chapter of my life as a clinical psychotherapist, working with individuals and families who were struggling with concerns large and small.  Many times, my clients were struggling to bring order and serenity into their daily lives. I loved helping people, but I often felt that something was missing in what I had to offer.

Before I began my own practice of KonMari, I hadn’t thought of myself as someone who had too many things, but I was shocked when I took the time to evaluate all my possessions on the basis of whether or not they were either useful or treasured. Does it Spark Joy?

With this criteria,  I freed myself and my home from years of accumulation that was standing in the way of living my best life. And, I was able to find a perfect place and a permanent home for all the things I loved and needed.

I wanted to make my practice of the KonMari Method and my love of organizational design into a business that would help others find the same serenity that comes from a well-organized home. 

Pleased to be the first Accredited Master KonMari Consultant worldwide.


Serene Home’s vibe is cooperative and consultative..... she is a great listener and tuned into my challenges and needs quickly and responded with creative yet simple-to-deploy ideas and action. She’s assertive and collaborative, not strident and overbearing. I wholeheartedly recommend. Serene home can pull the thorn from your paw and turn your mess into blessed, too.

/ Dawson M. /

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