Preparing for Your Serene Home Consultation:

A Checklist!

Define your vision-

The most important step of all! 

Treat this as a critical first step. Devote a quiet hour or so to think seriously about what your BEST LIFE looks like. If it’s too hard to think in specific terms of activities, think about how you would like to feel on a day to day basis. Find visual representations of what it might look or feel like either in magazines, books or online.

Write it down, start a Pinterest board, make a collage or create any type of display that works for you. Share it with me before our first session if possible.

Discuss your plan with your family, but use care-

Your family may have mixed reactions to your decision to get organized. They may be concerned that you are going to change things around in a way that makes them uncomfortable or that you will be getting rid of things that they need or love. Or, they may not understand why you are having a professional organizer come help you.

Share with them your vision for how you want your life to be and ask them if they can think of ways that having an organized home would benefit them as well.

Discuss with them the ways a professional organizer can make a huge difference:

  • An organizer will make organizing go faster and be more efficient.

  • An organizer has the experience to coach you toward the best decisions about what you should keep and let go.

  • An organizer has solutions to difficult storage problems.

  • An organizer will give you a plan for staying organized forever.

And, most important, share with your family my one big rule---

Keep in mind my one big rule-

My one big rule is that I won’t dispose of things that don’t belong to you. So, unless your spouse, significant other, older children or other family members are involved in our work together, we will only work with your things or things that are commonly held such as kitchen items. This can be frustrating, especially if you live with someone who has a lot of clutter, but it's better to let each person make their own decisions. (Ask me about the time I gave my husband’s old coat to Goodwill..)

I will definitely help you come up with a plan to get your family on board. Very often, the rest of your family will want to join in once you start organizing your own things.

Take a realistic inventory of the space that you have-

 We will find lots of underutilized space and will make much better use of your existing space, but the one thing I cannot do is build you another closet! (Although I do have some amazing renovation companies that I can recommend.)  My goal is that you will live happily and comfortably in the space you have with the things you need and love, but we will make sure your expectations are realistic. You will likely be very pleasantly surprised.

Don’t tidy up beforehand-

It’s best for me to see the current state of your organization and clutter. We will discuss what’s working and what’s not working and it helps for me to be able to get a realistic view of your day to day life and how you really live.

Don’t be concerned that I will be shocked or think your home is a mess-

I have worked with all kinds of clients in all types of homes and I promise that I have seen it all! Having worked as a psychotherapist and as a professional organizer for so many years, my feeling toward all my clients is one of great admiration: You are making a big life change and that is fabulous!

Devote this time to organizing-

Organizing is all about making decisions about what should be in your home and what's the best way to store things. We will be looking at all the things you own and thinking about each one. This will amount to hundreds of small decisions. So, it’s best to make plans for your kids or pets if they may need your care. This is your time to focus on creating a joyful life!

Take care of yourself-

Get plenty of rest the night before, eat a nourishing meal, have plenty of your favorite fluids on hand and dress comfortably. And, above all else, don’t be nervous! I am here to help and I love helping people just like you create a serene and beautiful life.