As for you, pour your time and passion into what brings you the most joy, your mission in life.
— Marie Kondo, the Founder of KonMari.


Once you have contacted The Serene Home, we will schedule a telephone consultation. Together, we will consider if The Serene Home is right for you and your organizational goals.

We will complete a questionnaire and I’ll give you a plan for proceeding. You will learn how to recognize when an item sparks joy or when it’s time to let it go. We will address challenging issues and tackle seemingly impossible space problems.

I will visit your home for one or several "lessons" and help you find order in your home or office. Our sessions are called "lessons" because my goal is to teach you how to maintain the new organizational system we will create together and to avoid relapsing into old, disorganized ways.

All services are priced per hour according to the time required. We will decide together what will work best for you and your budget.

 Home Organization Consultation

Offered by The Serene Home, this one hour in-home consult will get your started on your home organization project.

Before the consult, I will send you an intake form and get all the important information about your current situation, your goals and your vision.

Following that, we will schedule a one-hour in-home consultation. During this visit, I will review your current storage, give you some home storage ideas and discuss options for your next steps.

Maybe a little adjustment in your current storage is all you need or perhaps some unique storage solutions will resolve your concerns. If needed, I will recommend home organization sessions and we will work together to create a beautiful home environment.

Following my visit, I will send you a write up on our session along with all the suggestions we discussed. Information and resources will be included so that you can take the next steps.

Home Organization Consultation--$150.