Answers To Frequently Asked Questions 


+ Why should I hire a professional organizer?

Because you deserve it!

Organizing primarily involves two steps: deciding whether or not to keep something and deciding where to put it. This sounds really simple, but there’s a lot more to it than appears on the surface.

In addition, designing your home environment, whether simply using the things you already own or revamping your entire home, can be a complex process that requires a good, trained second set of eyes who has taken the time to understand how you and your family live.

My clients are often very busy, active people who have achieved great success in many areas of their lives. Organizing the home is something that often gets forgotten and, yet, it can lead to making a complex life more manageable and enjoyable.

If you are moving, making sure that you are packing and moving the correct things for you new home will save you time and money. The Serene Home will work closely with you, helping you discard, donate or sell the things you don't need, and then will help you get set up in your new home.

The Serene Home can help if making time for organization has been hard or if your efforts seem to fall short of your vision.

+ Why should I pick The Serene Home?

Choosing an organizational consultant can be a challenging process. Your consultant will be coming into your home and working closely with you and your belongings.

Training is important. I am trained as the first world-wide Accredited Master KonMari practioner and a licensed clinical psychotherapist. I can help you understand your relationship to your belongings, help you leave negative, self-defeating behaviors behind, and work with you to reach your true life vision.

In addition, as a Professional Member of the National Association of Productivity and Organization Professionals (NAPO), and a member of the Real Estate Stager Association (RESA), I have experience and training in design and creating beautiful home environments.

Experience is also important. In addition to my work with hundreds of clients and family over 25 years, I have organized and decorated the homes of dozens of clients. Please see my Client Reviews for some of my client feedback.

But, it’s important that you feel confident in the organizer you select. That is why I offer a complementary telephone consultation to new clients to ensure we are a good fit.

There’s nothing I love more than helping someone achieve his or her vision for a beautiful home or office environment. It’s my calling in life and overjoyed clients are my greatest endorsement.

+ What happens during a consultation?

I will help you plan for a successful and enduring organizational system that serves your entire home.

Using the best strategies available, we will develop a plan for you that takes into consideration your specific needs and, most importantly, your vision for how you want your life to be.

Once we have a plan, we will work together to carry it out and put your home in order. I will encourage you, hold you accountable and keep you on target.

In between sessions, I will give you homework to do so that you will practice the new skills you are learning and will limit the amount of face-to-face time needed to achieve your goals.

+ How long will it take?

Every home and office is different. Two things determine the time a project will take: the size of the project and, most importantly, how quickly you make decisions.

My focus is to help streamline the process and help you learn new decision-making skills that will serve you for life.

Generally, clients begin with a 4-5 hour session and then go from there. Some clients meet most of their goals within a few sessions, while many clients appreciate having my help them with the initial tidying and then, on-going maintenance.

+ What is the KonMari method of organizing by category?

KonMari is an innovative system created by Marie Kondo, the author of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, that emphasizes category over location. So, instead of focusing on a particular room or space, we will gather up all items in a certain category and you’ll make decisions based on examining the whole instead of part. It makes decisions much easier and will ensure that you are able to pare your belonging down to only the things you truly love or need.

During this process, we will identify adjustments in your shopping patterns and needs for innovative storage solutions.

+ Is it expensive?

Professional Consulting does involve an initial investment, however, most everyone finds that they spend far less money and time with The Serene Home than they do on overbuying organizational gadgets, making ongoing mistakes with purchases, and wasting things that they forgot they had or can't find.

But most important, organizational consulting buys you serenity: a calm home and peace of mind.

Consultations are offered in three, four and five hour appointments.  Consultations can be booked directly on the website here:


+ What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, check, and credit cards.

+ What areas do you service?

I serve all areas accessible by public transportation from New York City. If you are a long distance, I charge a ½ hour travel fee, but we will discuss that up front so there will be no surprises.

+ Will my information remain confidential?

Absolutely! I am a licensed clinical psychotherapist and bound by the laws of New York state to protect the confidentially of my clients. Your information, and all the information we may discover during our work together is protected at all times.

+ What do I do now?

Schedule a complementary phone consultation using the online scheduler below!


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