🌷Bring Joy to Spring Tidying!🌷


It’s time for Spring Tidying! 

This post is a companion to our recent podcast on Spark Joy. KonMari Quick Tips: Spring Tidying.

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Spring tidying is different than the KonMari Tidying event, which is the one time event during which you sort and organize your entire home, one category at a time. 

This tidying is an annual review of your home to address those minor repairs and little improvements that can be made to keep you home and belongings in maintained condition.  There is benefit to an annual joy check and the Spring is a great time to review and reset.

✨KonMari Spring Tidying Tips!✨

Take a tour of your home interior and exterior condition, subcategory by subcategory. I like the idea of starting from the inside out: inspect the walls for needed paint touch ups. Look at the walls, woodwork and doors to see if there are any dings. 

This is a good place to suggest that you decant any leftover gallon paint cans into small, screw top plastic jars if possible. Those gallon cans are not always airtight and paint will separate and dry up over time. Plus, those cans take up a lot of room. When preparing your paint touch up supplies, be sure to mark the name, number and manufacturer of each color for future reference.

Review the floors and carpets for cleaning needs or repairs. Check to see if tiles need repair or re-grouting. 

Then, review your plumbing and electrically systems. Do you need some new light bulbs or could you change to higher efficiency bulbs? Could your drains use a good cleaning? 

Next, consider all the things in your home that have replaceable, such as your heating and cooling systems or your humidifiers. The Spring is a great time to replace them.

Now it’s time to take a look at your furniture and furnishings including your drapes and curtains. Does anything need cleaning or repair? Have you decided that something you once loved no longer sparks joy? Remember that your tastes and needs change over time and things wear out. Are there things you would like to replace?

Inspect your kitchen cabinets and home storage. Could your shelves benefit from new shelf liners? Do they need a good wipe down? Do your containers still perform their function well?

Now, to the exterior of your home! Harsh Winter weather can expose needed exterior repairs and you’ll want to make sure that your home is protected for the Spring and Summer storms. See that the gutters are cleaned out, paint touched up and check that windows and doors are properly sealed. 

Finally, consider your landscaping maintenance needs including making sure that your lawnmower and garden tools are clean and in good repair.

🤦🏻‍♀️Whew!  This all can seem like a huge, time-consuming task, so break it down.

I like to do a walk-through inspection first, making a note of everything that needs action. With this list, you can make a project plan: 

Do you need to purchase supplies? Decide how you will collect the things you need to get the job done.

Do you need to delegate a task? Enlist your family and friends or look into hiring the right professionals.

Give yourself a reasonable time line and address each item in turn.

A well-maintained home will bring amazing joy to you and your family.

Stay tuned for Part Two!