Virtual Organizing at The Serene Home


What is Virtual Organizing and is it right for me? 

What if you cannot manage to have a KonMari Consultant with you due to time, money or distance constraints? Can a virtual session help you on your way to a serene, KonMari home?

Yes! Virtual Organizing at The Serene Home is a great option to organize your home when having a KonMari consultant with you in person, by your side, is not possible. 

How does it work?

It’s perfect for people who can commit to an hour or so on FaceTime or Skype once a week or every two weeks and who see themselves at least moderately motivated to launch into the process with some support. You will be completing the actual work yourself with my support and coaching.


We'll meet on FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype. You'll show me around your home, sharing with me your goals and vision as well as your biggest challenges. We will spend about an hour or so on the phone each time.

Some of the topics covered include:

·     Goals and Vision

·     Evaluating Sorting Progress to date

·     Organizing Strategies

·     Problem areas, stumbling blocks and their solutions

·     Next Steps

Along the way, we will exchange emails as often as needed. You can send me progress photos and ask questions, etc., and I can give you some helpful hints to work through some of the more challenging areas.

The Serene Home will work with you to overcome issues that can block your progress: discouragement, lack of motivation, concern about the best way to discard and recycle items, organizational dilemmas and space management.


How else can Virtual Consulting help me complete my tidying?

Let’s say you have started with in-person KonMari Consulting and you are on your way working through the categories. And, now, you don’t feel you need someone with you in person any longer, but need ongoing support and guidance as you work through the sorting and organizing of your home. 

Virtual Organizing can be a great supplement to in-person sessions. It’s highly customized for your needs and your virtual KonMari Consultant acts as your accountability partner and coach to your organizing.

There’s definitely a place for Virtual Organizing!

If virtual organizing with The Serene Home sounds like It might be the right thing for you, contact The Serene Home and let’s Elevate Your Environment.