✨Happy Holidays from The Serene Home✨

May the Serenity of the Season Light Up Your Home with Joy!


Gift Giving is….

Often less than serene. One thing I will encourage you to do is to think in terms of giving experiences instead of objects. Tickets to shows or events, restaurant gift cards, spa certificates, or your favorite consumables make amazing gifts that can be life enriching without becoming more clutter. 

This is especially important to consider when planning gifts for children. Studies show that kids are overstimulated when faced with too many play options and the holidays often result in a new pile of toys that are quickly forgotten. And not because the gift isn’t appreciated, it’s just too much all at once!

Think in terms of a special day at the museum or show along with one or two really special toys instead. 



Marie Kondo is Coming to Netflix!

 We’ve had to keep it quiet for almost a year, but now I can share that Marie Kondo is bring the KonMari Method to Netflix beginning on January 1.

She will be showing how KonMari works in the lives of people with families of all types and in homes of all sizes.

The best part of my work with clients is seeing how their lives change for the better in ways small and large, expected or surprising. 

From the clients who tell me that I have improved their relationships, made them feel more confident in their choices or even helped them advance their careers, nothing brings me more joy than making a difference in the lives of others.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo promises to show how the method works no matter what your circumstances. 

Take a look at the Season Premiere trailer below: