Shopping for Clothes KonMari Style


Have you thought much about how KonMari might affect your shopping habits in the future? If you are new to KonMari, you may not have even considered it, especially if you are in the midst of discarding and sorting.

Buying anything new might be the last thing on your mind!

At some point, though, it’s inevitable that you will be in the market for something to wear. We all need the basic underthings and we have events and work situations that require particular outfits. Maybe your weight has changed or your day-to-day activities are different than they once were.

It’s very likely that your taste in clothing will change over time after KonMari has entered your mind set. For me, as I discarded so many things that I didn’t love, I wanted to refurnish my wardrobe with clothing that demonstrated my new outlook on life.

I’ve had a few revelations about shopping since I sorted several years ago.

For one thing, it’s been true what is said about KonMari impacting every area of your life. My shopping habits are far different than they were before.

Before KonMari, shopping looked like:

·      I would buy as much online as possible, returning things often

·      I prided myself on never paying retail.

·      I’d almost never shop at nice places. I’d only go to where the deals would be found, in discount stores where the racks were thick with marked down clothing from last season.

·      A designer “anything” was a deal at the right price, even if I didn’t like it that much.

Now, shopping is a lot different.

·      I don’t buy much online. I really want to see things in person and touch them before I buy.

·      I don’t return much because I have a much better sense of what I love and get it right the first time.

·      I tend to shop at a greater variety of places-high-end retailers or sample sales or wherever-but it’s not about the deals anymore, because I’m buying fewer, nicer things.

·      I can go a very long time without buying anything.

I truly love shopping. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I love looking at things, trying them on and, occasionally, bringing home something that Sparks Joy! I spend more time now evaluating fabrics and colors and thinking more about how an item will fit into my closet along with my other things. Whether it will be a good investment of not just money, but space within my closet.

When I was an antiques dealer, years ago, I would often go to the estate auctions that followed when the owners had passed on. In looking through all the household items, accumulated over a lifetime, I would find beautiful hats, lingerie and gloves still in their original boxes and tissue, unused and being saved for a special day that never arrived.

Today, I feel a greater obligation to myself and to the items I bring home as well. I don’t want something hanging in my closets, tags still attached, unworn and unloved. So, I wear them. 

Because today is my special day!.

Have you thought much about shopping as a KonMari practitioner?