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Longstem saw a need in the market for versatile over-the-door or mounted organizer and created a line of several of jewelry and accessories organizers for both men and women.

Their goals was to create a more substantial, more useful version of the over-the-door hanging components  commonly seen at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Recently, Longstem sent me an organizer to review and here are my thoughts.

As a preface let me share with you how I view organizers in general.

In my work as a KonMari organizing consultant, I caution clients to not buy any devices, gadgets or “solutions” to storage before the sorting and discarding is completed. Discarding comes first, and your storage needs will likely change once you have paired down your belongings.

If you have ever visited a Container Store, you know that there’s a huge business in organizing "helpers" of a millions different types. There's a container for just about everything under the sun.

Often, folks will buy them hoping to get things tidied up before taking a look at the things they are hanging onto. I know I did before KonMari. I loved strolling through the Container Store looking at all the pretty bins, boxes, carriers and so on.

But, putting clutter in pretty boxes crates a false sense of accomplishment. So tidy first!

With that in mind, keeping all items of a type, such as jewelry, together and easily visible is definitely the final step in a well organized home. So, the Longstem organizer could definitely help you reach an organizing goal by filling that need in a space saving way.

On with the review:

The organizer arrived in two pieces plus mounting hardware. Interestingly enough,  the organizer can be stabilized against a wall in addition to the over the door option. Included is a set of sturdy hanging hardware designed  so that the hanging organizer doesn’t bang around whenever the door is opened and closed, which is one of the things I hate about these things.

It also had a detailed instruction sheet with ideas on how it can be used.

The two pieces connect together, giving the organizer versatility.  You can use either section separately, perhaps mounting them side-by-side.

The organizer has a variety of bent wire “arms” to hold jewelry items.  Three large sections of bent wire hooks and loops make of the largest part of the organizer. Areas for stacking bangles and hanging necklaces are plentiful.

There’s also a basket-type section that has a grated front and sides to hang earrings. In addition this section functions as an actual basket and will hold lose items.

****CORRECTION: I learned from the Longstem organization that the piece that I thought was used to create a basket actually creates a shelf, making this far more useful to store small items such as the post earrings I was concerned about. Just goes to show how important reading the directions are!)****

I did have a couple of concerns that would diminish the value of the organizer to me to a degree. I don’t see an easy way to store post-backed earrings rather than dangling earrings. They could be mounted on the grated basket, but that requires taking the back off and mounting it in front and back of the basket. This seems cumbersome to me and I wondered how long before I would be just tossing post earrings in the basket itself, making them not very visible.***See my correction above. This feature is actually more useful when put together as a shelf. So, there is more flexibility than I first described. This would work as a basket or a shelf****


The organizer leans heavily in favor of necklace and bracelet storage, which is great if that makes up a large part of your jewelry collection.  This might not be as perfect if you are an earring lover, like myself.

I saw an alternative use for the wire "arms" for arranging scarves. The piece is certainly strong enough. to hold a large collection of scarves. But, the tips of the "arms" are not capped off and I’m afraid they would certainly snag the fabric of delicate scarves.

So, while I’m not sure this would be the organizer for me since I have a more earrings and scarves than anything else, the Longstem organizer would be a very good solution to storing jewelry and accessories in a space saving way for necklace and bangle lovers.

I like the fact that all your jewelry can be displayed and seen.  Jewelry doesn’t have to be hidden away in a box or drawer.

Being able to see and enjoy your beautiful things is a major concept of our  Sparking Joy philosophy. Maybe this will Spark Joy for you!

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Karin Socci