Build An Annual Card Organizer

I could never remember birthdays or events and was always scrambling around at the last minute for a boring convenience store greeting card.

It was not fun and was not a pleasant way to celebrate a family member's or friend’s birthday, graduation, wedding, or any other event.

I found a solution that has completely changed my greeting card routine.  It’s now a pleasant, relaxed and fun experience.

I started with a pretty box that is the size of the largest card I would ever need.  I found a 9”x 9” card box on Amazon that came with a set of dividers.

Then I bought a set of stick-on months of the year for the tabs.

Next,  I used colorful index cards, one for each month, and wrote out the dates of every birthday and event for that month.

Then, the best part: I  hunt down really fun cards, many of which I found on Etsy.

Etsy lists tons of handmade and beautiful cards but I have found them on other websites and nice card shops as well.  


For each event on my index list, I put a card under the correct month.  I keep several random cards such as thank you or congratulations cards in the back for unexpected situations.


Now, at the beginning of each month, I look to see which cards need to go out and make sure I have the right cards.  Throughout the year, I keep an eye out for new cards to add to the box for upcoming events.  I keep a book of stamps in the front of the box to make it even more convenient.

Presto! Cards go out on time and with good wishes! Perfect!