How to Find Serenity in Your Home

How do we have a peaceful, joyful life while navigating through our stuffed closets and dressers each day, pulling together all those things we need to go about our days, whether it's a work day, a school day and family day or a little of all those things. Today's families led complicated lives.

Just as a example, these are some of the decisions that you might need to make before 9am each day:

·      Your clothes for the day, hopefully clean, locatable and in ready to wear condition

·      Your children’s clothes for the day: appropriate for the day’s activities

·      Breakfast via a kitchen stuffed with appliances, hardly ever used, a refrigerator full of leftovers and bags of aging produce

·      Books, papers, sports equipment for school

·      Briefcases and computer bags with all the correct cords and chargers, the right notepads     and notebooks along with your favorite pens

·      Keys, makeup, medicines

No wonder our days start with frantic chaos and hurried scrambled anxiety!

KonMari is the art of tidying. KonMari tidying is not dusting and mopping. Tidying means examining everything you own to discern whether each item is useful or brings you joy.

Only then do you find a permanent home for all your things

Does this mean you throw everything away? No, absolutely not. You can keep everything that is needed and everything that makes your heart sing. KonMari teaches you how to decide what to keep and what to discard. You'll end up discarding many things or not much at all.

Joy is up to you and your heart.