The Serenity of Tidy: An End to Clutter Anxiety

I have a theory about living in an untidy home: Behind an untidy home lives a person with a measure of anxiety and a frequent sense of being overwhelmed.

Is this true for you? 

Of course, clutter anxiety doesn’t apply to everyone. Many people live quite happily with disorganization and a little chaos. But, many of who suffer from feeling anxious often have a hard time finding their way to maintaining an organized home.

This is not to say that an untidy home is the cause of anxiety, not at all, it is just a symptom of an underlying condition. Certainly, achieving a tidy home will not “cure” anxiety, but it may help reduce the out-of-control feeling that many of us experience before tidying.

  Do you identify with any of these feelings?

·       Anxiety about how to start organizing.

·       Why bother keeping a tidy home when it will just get messy again?

·       Fear of having others see your home in a messy state.

·       Feeling too tired to straighten following a stressful day.

·       Feeling hopeless about keeping a tidy home when so many other things are occupying your thoughts.

The goal of tidying is different for everyone, but some goals include the desire to feel more calm, more relaxed and to have less worry about facing a new day.  It’s having a greater appreciation of the things that you love without feeling burdened by the clutter they create.

If only you could get organized once and for all, things would be so much better, right? 

Well, I believe that somethings would be better. When simplicity and serenity become words that describe your home and your life, you'll make room for the things that are really important to you.