Virtual Organizing at The Serene Home

What if you cannot manage to have a KonMari Consultant with you due to time, money or distance constraints? Can a virtual session help you on your way to a serene, KonMari home?

Yes! Virtual Organizing at The Serene Home is a great option to organize your home when having a KonMari consultant with you in person, by your side, is not possible. 

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🍁Why the Fall Is A Great Time to KonMari🍁

First of all, it’s likely that if you start the KonMari Method now, you may be finished by the beginning of the New Year. Start 2019 with a fresh outlook and an organized home. How awesome does that sound?!

Secondly, at this point, you have probably begun sorting through your Summer clothes and are getting ready to swap them out with your Fall sweaters and all the big, heavy outerwear that goes along with the colder weather. 

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